3D Movie Oasis

Hey everyone and welcome to the 3D Movie Oasis!

Only to be seen on Bigscreen VR! We strive for quality at 3D Movie Oasis, and you’ll only see the best of the best here! Our Movie archive ranges from all the latest and greatest from 3D as well as must see classics! Marvel, King Kong, Godzilla, Terminator, Avatar, you name it and we have it!

Our screenings will mostly be 3D only, but there will be some days where we host a range of must see 2D screenings. Movies, TV-Series, Animation it’s all available.

We don’t have a standard schedule, but we are open most days of the week, and we always screen an average if not more of 3 movies at a time!

You can also join the discord down below, filled with like-minded people! I also announce every screening we have there. Converse with others and perhaps suggest a movie, can’t wait to see you there!