Nightmare Cinema

Nightmare Cinema is a celebration of all thing’s Horror. Mostly resigning in mainstream Horror, you can find all the greats you love like Jigsaw, Pinhead, Candyman, Chucky, Jason, Michael and of course, Freddy Krueger. We’ll also watch the latest horror movies that get released throughout the year. We have a fantastic community of horror fans who love to discuss whatever we watch.

Can you talk during the movie? Absolutely. Feel free to discuss scenes, add a little tidbit or flat out make fun of shitty CGI. Just make sure you are respectful. Remember, Movies are subjective.

Nightmare Cinema Goes live on Bigscreen, Saturday nights at 8pm PST.

Come join our discord to find information about latest show time, check out what has been previously on, suggest movies to show in the future and discuss your favorite movies or latest movie news with your fellow Horror fans.