Back to the Past
Back to the Past is (as you’ve probably guessed) all about the classics. We’re not bound by genre here, everything goes. Our only rule is no movies from the last decade. Ever want to see Robocop on the big screen? No problem. Want to watch Batman with a bunch of movie fans? Absolutely. Who knows! Maybe you’ll be introduced to a classic movie you missed that you end up really loving!

Our discord is where you’ll find information regarding our showtimes and you can even suggest movies to show. We have a growing community of movies fans in our discord. Come say hello, we love like minded fans of all things cinema.

Back to the Past Retro Theatre goes live on Bigscreen, Saturdays at 8pm PST.

Come join our discord to find information about latest show time, check out what has been previously on, suggest movies to show in the future and discuss your favorite movies or latest movie news with your fellow Horror fans.