We are a group of adults with a healthy appetite for boobs and trashy movies.

This group was created in March of 2020 to find something to do while being locked in our houses by, presumably, evil creatures from space (we don’t really follow the news). The purpose is to build a shrine in our brains to all the old skinemax style, soft-core hits that most of us watched scrambled while trying to hold the channel dial to JUST slightly between 35&36 (yes kids, TVS used to have dials). We talk about the movies, we talk about boobs, we share interesting stories, we share not-so-interesting stories. We are united in one purpose…to have a good time and see some boobs (unless of course Jeebizz is hosting, then it is a crap shoot).

There is a movie nearly every night, but people do go on vacation…so jump in the discord and listen for announcements! Start time is usually around 9pm PST. But it varies.