Substitute Cinema

“In 1962, President Kennedy authorized a covert operation known as Substitute Sinema. The goal of the program was to desensitize soldiers to the terror of the communist threat by providing a “substitute” to the entertainment of the day. While ultimately a failure, Substitute Sinema lives on today with the goal of stepping in to screen forgotten films when others cannot. Will this current incarnation be a success or be yet another victim of the Red Scare? Steel yourself and join to test your mettle.

If you’re ready to commit yourself to the program, you can expect to view such teen-sploitation films as “Private School” and “Hot Dog University”, as well as lesser action movies such as “Cliffhanger” and “Hudson Hawk.” You may even be lucky enough to see the complete screening of “Buffy XXX”, a film banned during the original program due to participants devolving into “carnal excess.”

HeirloomMace is inviting you to join the program.

Shall you?”